Ostras! specialises in video and photography as a way to document and communicate new ideas. We complement our projects with hand drawn and 2D animation, and enjoy working with both analogue and digital techniques.

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Selection of photographs regularly updated from a personal perspective.

Quilter Cheviot


One of my recent commissions is featured on this month's issue…
Ostras! - Photography


Looking back at some of the great events covered last year. Harvest…


A well needed doze of bright colours to start the year. Ruta…


Simplifying Argentinian shapes. It’s been two months since…
UK 2016


Holidays, Matthew and British summer. Film for a non existing…


Lanzarote in black & white film. I love its volcanic landscape,…
Semana Santa 2016, León, España


In Semana Santa I went back to my hometown in Northern Spain,…
The Jesus and Mary Chain


Cosmosis Festival 2016 through my iPhone. Pictured: The Jesus…
Chimney in the snow


Walk in the snow. Buxton, 4th March.

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